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Dawnlight Investments 101 CC was established in 2001 and traded as Khuvuka Premium Products with the specific aim of selling produce of Loerieskloof Farm, of which Macadamia nuts became the mainline product trading as Khuvuka Max.

Involvement in the processing of Macadamia nuts was driven by the passion of the late Louis Kok Snr (1934-2009), owner of Loerieskloof farm since 1970, and a retired industrialist, to develop cracking and processing technology that would improve crack-out results as well as the overall quality of the product.

What started out as a pilot production line to test the new technology grew into a processing business ready for expansion. With experts in the Macadamia industry acknowledging the improvement in whole kernel crack-out recovery, less shell dust adherence and dirt contamination, and less oil cell damage to the product, time has come to develop the infrastructure necessary to harness this technology in a fully developed factory.

Although there were constant improvements and expansions to the pilot plant to supply the increasing demand for Khuvuka Max kernel, the decision was taken in 2011 to build infrastructure in 2012 that would enable Khuvuka Max to increase production in 2013 in a facility that would comply with the requirements set out in local and international food safety regulations. With this in place Khuvuka Max can continue developing its already existing local and international markets.

In doing so we aim to:

  • Reach niche markets where premium quality product is supplied to a small segment of the market sustainably (boutique factory concept).
  • Link a distinct reputation of high quality product and consistent delivery thereof to our brand name (market capture).
  • Promote the retention of the product’s healthy properties.
  • Comply with the stringent quality standards that international food trade bodies and authorities demand, with specific reference to the macadamia industry.
  • Adhere to occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Support good agricultural practices and encourage producers to adhere to Global GAP protocols, contributing to food safety and to the conservation of the environment.
  • Fulfil social and environmental responsibility through job creation, non-discriminating employment equity in strong opposition to human trafficking and slavery, contribution towards Black Economic Empowerment which includes training, career development and community development projects. Land development and propagation of macadamia orchards enjoy our commitment, especially where under-utilized land of emerging farmers is involved.

Khuvuka Miss-spelling:  Kuvuka, Kavuka, Kevuka, Kubuka, Khavuka, makadamia, fabriek, verwerking