Loerieskloof Farm, Peebles Road, White River
+27 71 517 2412
Customers & Consumers
Our customers are those people who eat from the product we processed or handled, and everyone in-between who enabled them to do so.

We expect from our customers to:

  1. Enjoy our product.
  2. Come back for more.
  3. Know that there money was well spent.
  4. Profit from our product.
  5. Not to be disappointed or harmed in any way.

We also know what our customers expect from us:

  1. Deliver product according to specification.
  2. Verify the quality and safety of our product.
  3. Supply product at competitive market related prices.
  4. Sustainable and constant delivery.
  5. Respecting and having high regard for the well being of society and the environment.

We view customer complaints in a very serious light, and give our assurance that we will leave no stone unturned to ensure good relations with our customers.