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Suppliers & Producers

Our main concern in business is the well being of macadamia producers. We are producers and we understand producers; their risks, their ambitions, their challenges, their vulnerabilities and their fears.

As producers we were exposed to various aspects in the industry of great concern:

  1. Constant cyclical instability in the market characterized by extreme price fluctuations.
  2. The possibility of processors taking advantage of producers when demand is low and supply is high.
  3. The potential of unethical conduct by some of the processors as far as pricing, accurate crack-out results, and exchange rate gains were concerned.
  4. Poor quality product that found its way to markets that brought macadamias into disrepute.
  5. Unnecessary wastage of product due to inadequate processing practices.
  6. Inability to cope with large intake volumes when it really matters.

Because of these reasons we desired to improve on processing equipment and processes, and to own the supply chain – with direct access to the market where we could build strong partnerships.

The benefits we achieved by doing this, we are now prepared to share with other producers.