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The Industry
There is no substitute for Macadamias; not in appearance, taste, texture or nutrition – that is why the industry exists. The price people are prepared to pay for macadamias is a clear indication of how valuable the product is to them.

The industry is made up out of entities involved in satisfying the publics’ need for macadamias – those who enable a person to put a hand full of safe, healthy, wholesome and delicious tasting macadamias in his/her mouth – without any disappointment.

A healthy industry is about ethics and efficiency. Our participation is aimed at advancing a high standard of good ethics, and contributing to a high level of efficiency in the industry.

We believe that those who earn their place in the industry sustainably are those who adhere to a good code of ethics, and do so efficiently and cost effective. Our aim is not only to earn our place, but to contribute to the strength of the industry significantly, and also to draw on the strength of the industry. To this aim we would strive to maintain our involvement in organizations within the industry like SAMAC and to maintain healthy relationships with other players in the industry including producers, co-processors, marketers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers all on national and international levels.