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quality & saftey

Being an owner operated business that through our own efforts developed equipment and processes for all the stages of processing, we are acutely aware of priority activities in need of critical control and management, and therefore we at Khuvuka Max are committed to maintain throughout our processing, from our raw materials to our final products, products that are not chemically, physically or microbiologically contaminated.

The above is achieved by (as periodically revised):

  • Implementation of good hygiene (GHP) and manufacturing (GMP) practices.  Management accepts responsibility to undertake and support the proper implementation, verification and annual review of the systems.  There shall be commitment throughout to maintain and improve the system.
  • Compliance and implementation of the relevant legislation. Comply with legal requirements with regard to the manufacture of food, in particular the requirements under regulation R962, published under the FCD Act, and all other relevant legislation.
  • Comply with the relevant sections of voluntary SANS code of Practise 10049:2012, 10330:2007 and with internationally recognised PRP’s.
  • All staff, at all levels, understands this policy (training records) and is strictly monitored to ensure it is continuously implemented.  We expect that every employee should understand the policy and should be enabled and empowered to contribute in attaining the objectives contained in this policy.
  • Manufacture, distribute and market products that are wholesome, safe, comply with regulatory requirements and fulfil customer and consumer expectations.
  • Our food safety policy will be displayed to communicate and emphasise our commitment to food safety.
  • Management commitment towards sound financial practice and planning regarding the food safety management system to ensure sustainability and suitability.

Objectives of the system:

  • Pack quality products;
  • Pack safe products;
  • Limit spoilage of the end products;
  • Consistently meet clients’ expectations of a hygienic food plant.

HACCP Certificate

HACCP Certificate

Our HACCP System is audited by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) to view our current certificate of registration please click to view the full certificate.